10 Mar
Even older cars remain fuel efficient compared to some modern vehicles.

3 unexpectedly fuel-efficient vehicles

If you're a careful fleet manager, you'll always be looking to make the best of your fuel card with efficient vehicles. With modern technology improving efficiency in even the most unlikely of suspects, it pays to keep your mind broad when looking for the most fuel-saving transports currently available.

To give you a hand, here are three unexpectedly efficient vehicles.

Fuel efficiency appears in the strangest placesFuel efficiency appears in the strangest places

1) Mercedes-Benz CLA 180

When you are looking to buy a luxury car, you might be forgiven for leaving fuel efficiency by the wayside. However, this model from Mercedes-Benz shows that it's possible to afford luxury without paying through the nose for fuel.

Assuming a petrol engine, the CLA 180 manages 6.0L to 5.5L per 100km, while still maintaining a 210km/hr top speed and acceleration to 100km/hr in 9.1 seconds. You aren't compromising on power with this efficient vehicle.

2) BMW X1

Big SUVs aren't exactly known as being particularly fuel-efficient. The very designation conjures up images of enormous American gas-guzzlers that take up both lanes of the road at once.

However, recent advancements have made it perfectly possible for SUVs to be fuel efficient, as demonstrated by the BMW X1. Energywise data shows that the 2015 BMW X1 S18D beats out many much smaller vehicles by achieving 4.5L per 100km, showing that even big cars can still be light on their feet.

It is important to choose the right model, however, as BMW data shows that fuel efficiency can range from 6.6L to 3.9L per 100km for the X1. If you want to make the most of your petrol card, ensure that you add the correct model to your fleet.

3) Ford Fiesta

Even the older models can outperform modern vehicles.

Okay, you caught us: this one is well-known as being a penny-pincher when it comes to fuel efficiency. The surprising part here is the fact that even the older models can outperform modern vehicles when it comes to fuel efficiency. Energywise gives the 2004 standard Ford Fiesta model 4.5 stars in fuel efficiency, the same rating that the 2012 Suzuki Swift GL achieves.

This solid base of the Ford Fiesta has continued to be built upon in recent models as well, as the Ford Fiesta LX tops the charts at 5.5 stars for fuel efficiency, achieving an impressive 4.4L per 100km. The older models are a little more fuel inefficient, but the 2004 standard Fiesta still achieved a solid 6.6L per 100km.

New Zealand Herald writer Matt Greenop put it best with the Fiesta LX when he said that it cost as much as a pie purchase to run.