25 Feb
The key to mind reading is technology, apparently.

Acer brings mind​ reading to the automotive industry

Acer has always been a company that was far more focused on computing than vehicles, but it appears that its recent slump in the PC realm has prompted it to turn its expertise to the automotive industry.

Acer revealed some of the fruits of its labour at the Mobile World Congress. For vehicle managers trying to keep a handle on their fleet, it offers a new software update system for the "connected car". Acer describes the new OTA+ system as "a complete suite for data transfer, data management, secure transmission, validation, and deployment of software updates remotely to a fleet of vehicles", making those tricky car updates far easier.

While this new development is a good way to start it foray into car software, Acer has decided not to stop there and delve straight into the world of science fiction.

Look into my eyes

You no longer need to have a third eye or a sixth sense to read minds, just a new piece of tech.

Utilising a special headset and functioning in a similar way to an electroencephalogram, Acer's partner Alchemy has developed a way to read the brainwaves of a driver, sending data to an app that is designed to "analyse learning, emotional, stress, and focus levels through unique algorithms and big data analysis".

What does that mean for a fleet manager? It means that you'll be able to know whether your drivers are getting too tired, have had an accident or are simply driving poorly.

However, this technology is still in the early stages. Acer did not reveal when this technology would be available, so it may be many years before something like this actually hits the market in New Zealand.

Until then, one of the simplest ways to keep a track of your drivers is through a fuel card – while it can't read their mind, it will certainly help you keep a bead on your fuel efficiency.