10 Feb
Commercial vehicles led new car sales in 2015.

Commercial vehicles sales lead New Zealand to new records

Drivers and businesses around the world are showing a renewed passion for purchasing new vehicles, with New Zealand now joining the growing list of countries to break sales records in 2015. 

New Zealand joins a number of countries which set new car sales records in 2015.

Both New Zealand's neighbour across the ditch and the US displayed an enthusiasm for new cars, with latter racking up more than 17 million sales in just 12 months, according to True Car. However, New Zealand's market reveals an important motivator, as the country's Motor Industry Association (MIA) found that commercial vehicle sales in particular are a key catalyst for these trends. 

With more businesses upgrading to newer vehicles, it's the perfect time for these organisations to pursue fuel cards as well, giving them a complete solution for the new year. 

Commercial sales top New Zealand charts

Fleet vehicles for the country's many businesses were in high demand throughout 2015, as the MIA found this category saw notable sales growth over previous calendar years. According to the organisation's report, almost 40,000 new commercial vehicles were registered over the past 12 months, marking a 6.6 per cent growth when compared to 2014 figures. 

In an interesting first, 2015 also marked the first year where the most popular commercial vehicle has the highest sales of all. The MIA discovered that the Ford Ranger tops both of these categories, with almost 7,000 examples of the new ute registered throughout the year. 

While some trends changed, others stayed the same. Toyota remained the most popular manufacturer in New Zealand for the 28th year in a row, accounting for 20 per cent of the total market share. Its Hilux ute also featured on the charts, ranked as the second most purchased commercial vehicle. 

A record number of drivers walked away with a new commercial vehicle in 2015.A record number of drivers walked away with a new commercial vehicle in 2015.

According to MIA CEO David Crawford, there are a number of key motivators encouraging these purchases. 

"The breadth of new models with increased performance and comfort features, combined with competitive prices and a high level of choice makes New Zealand one of the most competitive new car markets anywhere in the world," he explained.

"It has never been a better time to buy a new vehicle"

Not only are modern vehicles promising drivers a greater level of fuel efficiency, an increased focus on safety also offers significant benefits to businesses and their drivers. With commercial vehicles dominating the sales charts, it's important that organisation purchase vehicles that keep motorists safe while also reducing their impact on the environment.