06 Jul
Is your WoF up to date? You can use your fuel card to make sure it is

Does the longer wait for WoF checks mean more unsafe cars on the road?

When your car doubles as your office (sometimes your second home) it pays to have the peace of mind that not only is your vehicle safe for the road, but others on the road with you are as well.

Even though it has been two years since the government implemented changes in the warrant of fitness (WoF) checks, there is an alarming number of concerns that vehicles are not being shown the required level of care by their owners. 

This has led to some commentators looking to the government for increased awareness and education in regards to safe vehicles, with tyres a particular area of concern. 

Greig Epps, industry manager for the Motor Trade Association (MTA) is quoted as saying that its members have raised concerns about the safety of cars on the roads.

"Our members do report concerns about vehicles with tyres, brakes and suspensions that need replacing immediately," he said.

It's important to ensure your fleet's cars are safe for the roads.It's important to ensure your fleet's cars are safe for the roads.

When you need your WoF

It may seem unnecessary but it's always worth repeating just how long the WoF is for light motor vehicles. According to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) website:

When was the vehicle first registered anywhere in the world? How long the WoF is issued for
New vehicle that has never been registered Three years
Less than two years ago To the third anniversary of when the vehicle was first registered
Between two and three years (less than three) 12 months
On or after 1st of January 2000 12 months
Before 1st of January 2000 Six months

Doing everything you can to help ensure the safety of drivers who spend large amounts of time on the road is paramount, especially considering some of the unsafe behaviours they witness on the roads. 

Find safety with your fuel card

These concerns about cars that are unfit for the roads are echoed by the MTA. One of the many benefits of a CardSmart fuel card is that all MTA members automatically accept them. With the association representing more than 4,000 automotive professionals, there wouldn't be too much trouble locating a site

With more onus and responsibility placed on drivers to ensure their car's road worthiness, it really pays to promote and push the necessary requirements and timelines of having an up-to-date WoF.