21 Jul
Is there an easy way for fleet managers to get a snapshot of New Zealand's fuel prices?

FAQ: How can I get a snapshot of New Zealand’s fuel prices?

When out and about on roads across New Zealand, fleet drivers will typically turn to their fuel cards to make savings every time they fill up. However, is there even more value to be extracted by finding out costs in advance?

Well, with the PriceWatch tool that is offered by CardSmart, both fleet managers and their drivers can assess the current market rate of fuel, and make purchasing decisions accordingly.

A plethora of sources

PriceWatch uses information from CardSmart transactions and aggregates the data to offer a snapshot of prices. By utilising sites that are applicable to CardSmart, the data includes purchases that take place at typical fuel stations, truck stops and even marinas.

Furthermore, PriceWatch processes data in real-time, which means it's easy to be kept up-to-date and on point when it comes to the wider fuel market, and how prices are shifting.

Alternatively, data is offered in a batch file that includes more transactions. By looking over the information this way, fleet managers can determine the maximum, minimum and average fuel prices being offered by oil companies across New Zealand.

A direct link

While the prices returned by PriceWatch are only representative, the information comes directly from service stations. Consequently, its accuracy is undeniable – it's up to fleet managers to decide how they can best leverage the information.

Doing so regularly isn't an issue, as the PriceWatch data is refreshed at midnight over the course of each day. Once a minimum of five transactions are registered across New Zealand, the information coming from PriceWatch is updated, ensuring that fleet managers can stay on track and garner an idea of pricing efficiently, simply and quickly.

While making regular savings can be difficult at the best of times, fleet managers who can get a better insight into the fuel market will likely be of greater benefit to their companies.