23 Jun
There are a number of ancillary benefits to your CardSmart account that could trim your fleet costs even further.

FAQ: What are the added perks of using my fuel card?

Once you've got your CardSmart account up and running, the benefits and cost savings you'll make on fuel will be plain to see once you cast an eye over the first set of invoices.

While saving money every time you fill up is one thing, you may be wondering whether your fuel card has any ancillary advantages. 

Well, the good news is it does. 

We have partnered with a number of companies across New Zealand in efforts to give you back a little more, and make life easier for your entire fleet. 

Discounts managed by Cardlink

There are a number of companies that we have established relationships with in efforts to save you money, without having to do anything special or fill out any extra forms. 

At locksmiths and alarm specialists Armstrong, cleaning company Espresso Carwash and vehicle testing experts VTNZ, all you have to do is pay for any purchases on your CardSmart card and we'll subtract as much as a 15 per cent from your next invoice.

Benefits with cash accounts

If your business fuel cards are being managed via a cash account, there are a number of establishments that we have agreements with that'll be happy to give you something back.

For example, at both DIY specialists Bunnings and office supplies gurus OfficeMax, you can secure excellent corporate rates of discount when you announce to the checkout operator that you are a CardSmart account holder.

Time of purchase discounts

Finally, there are also a number of companies that will offer a substantial discount on any purchases, as and when you or your drivers buy goods.

Pit Stop, Instant Windscreens, Chubb and Budget Rent a Car, not only offer products and services that can keep your fleet up and running out on the road, but you'll also get a discount when doing so too.

All in all, a CardSmart account is about so much more than simply saving money on fuel. With our links across New Zealand, we're here to help make the running of any sized fleet that little bit easier.