16 Feb
Can a smarter accelerator help save fuel?

How a simple pedal improvement can help save fuel

There's no quick fix to saving fuel. From buying hybrid vehicles to improving driving habits, there's no shortage of available methods for fleets looking to reduce their impact on the environment. 

However, as Top Gear proved many years ago in a fuel economy test that put a Toyota Prius up against a V8-powered BMW M3, it's not always what people drive that impacts their fuel card use, but how they act behind the wheel.

Despite this need to make careful movements when in control of a vehicle, there's a never been a way to counteract the lead foot that many drivers seem to be born with – until now.

New accelerator pedal design offers improved economy

Automotive equipment provider Bosch recently debuted a new accelerator pedal design that promises to help drivers save fuel. 

While most pedals are simply a passive link between the driver and the engine, the Bosch design is unique in the sense that it's an active part of the vehicle. This means it's able to detect situations we're less pressure would create extra efficiency. On top of this, the pedal is able to measure when the car is travelling above the speed limit and prompt drivers accordingly. 

The organisation expects that drivers will be able to realise fuel savings of up to 7 per cent with this pedal alone. 

Its functionality doesn't end there however, as it's not limited to its function as an accelerator pedal. The device can also communicate with the transmission for further fuel savings and emissions reductions and can even be connected to collision warning systems for extra safety. 

If fleet managers are able to realise the potential offered by this device, it could be an invaluable weapon in the fight against high fuel consumption.