Last Updated 09/04/2020

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A message from CardLink

In light of the current uncertainty we are all facing in our daily lives, we want to reassure you that CardLink is:

✓ Here to help
✓ Open for business
✓ With you on this journey

As the global impact of the COVID-19 virus continues to provide new challenges for businesses of all sizes across the country, CardLink has taken vital steps to ensure that we can safely keep our service active and continue supply as normal, to provide you with peace of mind as you navigate these challenging times.

We will be in touch shortly to inform you of changes to your account that will better assist your business during this period.


Fuel supply

We understand that keeping your fleet fuelled is imperative to maintaining your business operations. As fuel is classed as an essential service, we are pleased to confirm that there has been no impact to supply.

Given the changing nature and uncertainty of the situation, we are in constant communication with all of our fuel partners and will provide you with any updates as they develop.


Fuelling up

All sites now have increased sanitation methods and are following specific government health guidelines to ensure the safety of their workers and visitors. However, when attending a site to fuel up your fleet, we ask that you also exercise particular caution to help you and those around you remain safe and well.

This includes:

✓ Use hand sanitiser after using the bowser
✓ If no sanitiser is available, use the gloves provided
ο These should be thrown away or washed in hot water after use
✓ Adhere to social distancing guidelines as outlined by the Ministry of Health while fuelling up and at point of purchase
✓ If you are unwell, it is advised that you do not travel and seek the specific medical advice of your GP before visiting a fuel site


Here to help

At CardLink, we appreciate that while the world adapts to new ways of living and working, your needs as employers, decision makers and business owners may also change during this difficult time.

We realise that there may be bigger demand on our service, however, please be assured that our services continue to operate. Our teams are prepared, and all phone lines and email communications are open.

We are here to help. If you have been affected by the crisis, please contact us to see how we can assist you.
Phone: 0800 663 866

Thank you as always for your understanding and support.

Kind regards

Your customer service team