27 Feb
This will look familiar to any driver in Auckland.

Solving Auckland congestion: A long-term view

Damaged and poorly maintained roads are a nightmare for vehicle efficiency, and congestion can waylay even the most diligent fuel card holder. With the population of New Zealand growing greater every year and all the additional strain that will cause on Auckland roads, it's unsurprising that the government is already taking steps to ensure that the city is ready for the test.

To that end, the Ministry of Transport has released its new, grandiose plan for the infrastructure of our most populous city. Taking into account the fact that Auckland's population is predicted to increase by 700,000 and freight volumes will almost double, the Auckland Transport Alignment Project Foundation Report sets out to keep the roads safe, secure and up to date with new technology up to 2046.

Kick out the jams

Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, and that goes double if you spend much of your working day in a vehicle. Traffic snarls are a well-known if unfortunate part of Auckland life, and it's only going to get worse with more people putting more cars on the road, and could very easily damage your business if you are primarily involved in freight movement.

While the Foundation Report offers no concrete solutions (that's for the next stage), it has identified the primary issues causing the current and exacerbating the future congestion issues in Auckland, focusing on improvements to the motorway networks and alleviating some of the bottlenecks.

Also among the highlighted issues were a lack of access to employment by car and potentially redirecting some public transport off the motorways to help reduce congestion.

It's good to know we've got a long-term plan to help get a better deal with our vehicles, but there's only so much the government can do. Take better control of your fleet with a Card Smart fuel card – and we won't make you wait for 20 years!