01 Mar
Automotive manufacturers are gearing up to deliver their best at the Geneva Motor Show.

What have we learned so far at the Geneva Motor Show?

The Geneva Motor Show is always an explosion of the latest automotive technology, featuring the chance for the top manufacturers to strut their stuff ahead of the actual releases of their vehicles. So what have we learned so far?

The Volvo V90

Volvo returns to its roots with the V90 station wagon. Always dependable and capable of delivering 300 KW with its T8 hyrbid engine, this Volvo could be a prime choice for the fleet manager looking for a modern interpretation of a classic that still delivers good fuel economy and the latest technology.

The Bugatti Chiron

However, if your preference is for the excessive side of cars, then look no further than the Bugatti Chiron.

This $4 million machine features the usual comforts expected by its price tag, with one exceptional difference. Drivers who like a good stereo system in their car would not be disappointed by the Chiron, as it features crystal-clear speakers – quite literally, as each tweeter has a 1 carat diamond, which supposedly improves the sound quality.

While it's closest competitors at Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche have opted to go with hybrid engines, the Chiron instead uses an updated version of the Veyron's 8.0-litre quad turbo W16 – fossil fuels only. 

"We will dramatically raise the bar in terms of top speed, we will dramatically increase the power by 25 per cent, the aerodynamics are better, the road holding is better," said Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer.

"We didn't need a hybrid."

After learning that, at top speed, the Chiron can drain its fuel tank in nine minutes flat, fuel card users might be turning pale at the thought of such waste!

There's plenty more in store from the Geneva Motor Show, so get ready for plenty more from the automotive industry – but it will take quite a lot to top diamond speakers and a $4 million price tag!