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Use CardSmart to access over 90% of all fuel sites across New Zealand, with no need to keep receipts.

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Never pay retail price on fuel.

One monthly IRD approved tax invoice.


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CardSmart eliminates the need to keep fuel receipts.

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Get discounts on fuel, oil and services without going out of your way.

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Take advantage of up to 51 day credit terms and free up cash within your business.

More ways CardSmart benefits your business:


CardSmart is accepted at over 90% of all fuel sites across New Zealand.


Monitor spend and restrict purchases.


One monthly consolidated tax invoice to simplify your accounting.


Everyday fuel savings from our nationwide network of fuel sites and partners.


Extensive partner network includes servicing, tyres, parts, glass and more.

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"I'd recommend CardSmart for businesses. It's the only multi branded fuel card that gets access to fuel anywhere in New Zealand. You get discounts from not just fuel providers; can pay for a taxi, get a rental truck from Budget rentals, buy tools for your trade on the fly at Bunnings. And all purchases go on 1 invoice."

Ian Johnson

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