Top Questions about CardSmart

This section contains answers to various commonly asked questions by our customers.
What is the 'All Services Card'?

The ‘All Services Card’ is a payment card that can be used to purchase fuel and oil along with a list of other services including; Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and servicing. The card also gives you access to special pricing with our non-fuel merchants including; Officemax and Armstrong Locksmiths.

What is the 'All Automobile Card'?

The ‘All Automobile Card’ is a payment card used to purchase vehicle expenses including fuel, oil, WoF, servicing and new tyres.

What is the 'Fuel & Oil Only Card'?

The ‘Fuel & Oil Only Card’ is a payment card that is limited to fuel and oil purchases.

What are the preferred stations?

Any Mobil, BP, Z Energy, G.A.S or Caltex fuel stations. Use the CardSmart Site Locator to plan your trips or download our mobile app.

What is a surcharge?

A card surcharge is an additional percentage that the fuel station can charge.

Who surcharges CardSmart?
A small percentage of accepting sites

How do I find out which fuel station applies a surcharge?
Usually, there will be a display on the bowser and at the retail counter stating that CardSmart transactions will be surcharged.

How do I complete a transaction?
  1. Drive in, secure your vehicle and look for any surcharge notification on the bowser
  2. Note the odometer reading
  3. Fill up and proceed to transaction counter
  4. Swipe card and enter odometer reading when prompted.
  5. Sign the receipt upon completion of the transaction
  6. Retain the docket.
  7. It’s that EASY!
What to do if your card is lost/stolen?

Notify your Fleet manager / office manager immediately. If you’re the account holder, you can call us on 0800 663 866 or log into your account at https://clo.cardlink.co.nz and cancel your card.

What to do if a transaction is declined?

Contact Fleet Manager or call CardLink customer service on 0800 663 866.

How do I care for my CardSmart Fuel Card?

-Keep your card clean

-Do not bend your card

-Do not expose your card to magnetic surfaces

-Do not expose your card to excessive sunlight

-Store your card in a protective cover