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Acceptance at over 90% of all fuel sites across New Zealand.

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1,650+ fuel and service sites nationwide.
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Automotive service providers nationwide.


Places to refuel across New Zealand.

CardSmart® Auto Assist - Roadside Assistance on Demand.

All CardSmart fuel card holders receive access to roadside assistance should you require it. Avoid the stress caused by unexpected incidents such as vehicle breakdowns, flat batteries, flat tyres and lost keys. Auto Assist is provided across New Zealand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Callouts ($30.98 +GST with a contractor fee of $47.98 +GST)
  • Flat Batteries (Jump Start)
  • Fuel Delivery ($20 of Fuel Charged to Your Card)
  • Towing (Additional Charges Apply)
  • Key Lockout, Lost Keys (Forced Entry)

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"I'd recommend CardSmart for businesses. It's the only multi branded fuel card that gets access to fuel anywhere in New Zealand. You get discounts from not just fuel providers; can pay for a taxi, get a rental truck from Budget rentals, buy tools for your trade on the fly at Bunnings. And all purchases go on 1 invoice."

Ian Johnson

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