COVID-19 Business Updates

Last Updated 01/04/2020

As the global impact of the COVID-19 virus continues to provide new challenges for businesses of all sizes across the country, CardLink has taken vital steps to ensure that we can safely keep our service active and continue supply as normal, to provide you with peace of mind as you navigate these challenging times.

We will be in touch shortly to inform you of changes to your account that will better assist your business during this period...

Waitomo Announcement - February 2020

Waitomo fuel stops now accept CardSmart across NZ

CardSmart is the only multi-branded fuel card in New Zealand with coverage of over 95% of retail fuel sites. We at CardSmart are working hard to provide you access to every corner of New Zealand and every brand across the country. On that front, we are very excited to announce the acceptance of CardSmart card at all Waitomo Fuel Stops across New Zealand.

Waitomo currently operates more than 41 Fuel Stops, stretching from Paihia in the north, to Christchurch in the south and their network is growing rapidly...

CardSmart Quarterly Newsletter - March 2019

A message from our Managing Director  

Welcome to 2019, I hope you've had a great start to the year. We're thrilled to be helping you manage your fleet and encourage you to take advantage of all the great benefits that your fuel card provides.

I'd like to say thank you for participating in our surveys throughout 2018. We have taken your helpful feedback onboard. This will help us improve our products and services....

CardSmart Quarterly Newsletter - August 2018

A message from our Managing Director  

 I would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and partnership.
We appreciate it.

At CardLink we are committed to delivering the best possible levels of customer service that we can. It's important that we listen to our clients; understanding your experience allows us to make changes and exceed your expectations. With this in mind, we have engaged an external research company to conduct a brief survey on our behalf.....

CardSmart Quarterly Newsletter - March 2018

A message from our Managing Director  

 Welcome to our March edition of The CardSmart Chronicles!

This quarter, we look forward to providing you with a program to help combat rising fuel prices and sharing some exclusive offers from our newest network partner.

Wishing you a happy Easter weekend and safe travels.....